October 24th: Feministisch Verzet screens Camp Butchinson

camp butch_ed_1

a film by Lauren Soldano,

There are times in many of our lives that leave us feeling not quite ‘butch enough.’ For truly hopeless cases, there’s only one place left to go: Camp Butchinson. A brutal place run by sadistically macho counselors who don’t hesitate to use force, the camp’s narrow vision of masculinity quickly makes campers thirst for gruesome revenge. An affectionate homage to the tender-hearted, Camp Butchinson delivers a feel-good message of fag-tastic proportions.
If you have ever been told to “man up”, if you have ever been accused of being “too emotional”, if you have ever thought high heels should be considered studly – this film is for you. – Lauren Soldano

Door open at 19:00
Movie starts at 19:30

Free entry! Donations are welcome!

trailer here:


and about the project when it was seeking funding:


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