about us

Feministisch Verzet – Feminist Resistance is a radical, queer, feminist collective/platform.

We are Feminist

We oppose all power structures, whether they manifest through/as gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, species, nationality, religion, class, bodily and mental abilities, age, or any other forms of fucked up oppressive shit. All these forms of oppression are linked. They interact on multiple levels, contributing to systemic marginalization and inequalities. Opposing these power structures necessarily includes reflecting on how we internalize, reproduce and resist them.

We come from different feminist backgrounds and movements. We recognize ourselves in the diverse histories of feminisms.

We are Queer

Not as in ‘gay’, though we are fags, dykes, queens, trans*, straights, sluts, cowgirls, non-gender-conforming, men, women, cyborgs… Queer does not define gender or sexuality.

It is political resistance based on ideas, not on identities.

We are Radical

Radical means going to the roots of problems instead of only fighting the symptoms. We are radical in our focus, our ideas, our ways of organizing, our actions and our everyday lives. We try to relate to each other in different, non-hierarchical ways.


The general opinion in the netherlands is that feminism is no longer necessary. We strongly oppose this. Out of the initiative of a couple of people that were fed up with the lack of radical feminist initiatives in Utrecht, the first meeting of Feministisch Verzet was organized in January 2013. This meeting was attended by over 50 people from places close by and far away. This confirms the wide need for feminist resistance. Together, we have been cultivating and spreading our feminist energy in meetings, demos, workshops, events, parties and daily lives.

Our practice

Feministisch Verzet is a consensus-based, open collective/platform with people from different cultural, geographic and linguistic backgrounds. We are an English-speaking platform/collective and work with shifting facilitators in a non-hierarchical structure. Our meetings take place twice a month, as general assemblies and working groups. Building alliances with other people, groups and organizations with which we share affinities is part of our struggle.

We do bite, but only if you ask for it